The Young Writers Camp was a success as was held from the 18th April to the 21st April. For, ages 6 – 10 and 11 – 16 respectively. It was a program put together to commemorate the UNESCO world book day and all that it represents.
Lessons and activities included a library tour, Interactive character building session, Book reading, Spelling Bee Competition, and Creative writing classes which were the highlight of the camp. Winners emerged from the Spelling Bee Competition who were recognized and awarded. The winners of the Creative writing contest would be announced soon as well as have their piece published here. So, you should keep your fingers crossed for the unveiling. And yes! They did unwind with some indoor games too. See pictures below.
Ultimately, they learned in fun ways. The Young Writers Camp exposed them to the use of the literary arts as a means of self and community expression.

Young Writers Camp

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