The Port Harcourt Literary Society (PHLS) is a wholly voluntary, private Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) of writers, scholars, lovers and patrons of literature, books and the arts.  Its activities are funded by member’s contributions and donations from individuals, companies and development-oriented organisations.


Its Key Objectives include:

  • Facilitate growth, especially amongst the youth by encouraging continuous reading and learning.
  • Promote the development of literary skills such as creative writing and thus birth the next generation of great Nigerian writers.
  • Use literacy and the literary arts as a tool for development and economic empowerment.
  • Expose Nigerian youth to the use of literary arts as a tool for self and community expression.








The Port Harcourt Literary Society embarked on the Book Centre project as a tribute and permanent memorial to the 2014 recognition of the city of Port Harcourt by UNESCO as the World Book Capital of the Year. This recognition put Nigeria on the world’s cultural map as a major center of literacy and the book culture.


The Port Harcourt Book Centre is therefore conceived as a creative and world- class cultural center that will cater to the cultural needs of the oil and gas city of Port Harcourt. On completion, it will be the venue for the now famous annual Port Harcourt Book Festival in addition to hosting musical and drama performances by local and international artists.


On a regular basis, young writers will meet in small sessions to read and recite poetry, hold debates on artistic topics and rehearse drama sketches at the center. Children, students, scholars and the general public interested in books and ideas will visit the library at the center to enlarge the coast of knowledge.


The center will also host visiting writers from around the world who will come into residence to do creative writing and cultural research for short periods at a time.


For the development of the infrastructure of the center, the anticipation is that different donors will take up different aspects. For instance, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) graciously donated the library complex. This project, which cost a little over $5 million, has just been completed, commissioned and is fully operational











Ultra Modern Public Library


An Ultra Modern Public Library donated by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)  which seats 350 persons has been completed and was commissioned in October 2016. The library is now fully functional and open to the public and is variously acknowledged as potentially the best public library in Nigeria.


It has an E-library, a children’s library with activity and nap rooms, a research library and general adult section. It is fully furnished with books and educational materials for both children and adults. The Library’s location provides a serene environment conducive to reading and learning for both children and adults.


It has a business center, 2 well equipped conference/training rooms which accommodate 30-50 persons, an event hall which seats 250 persons and a fully equipped business center. Twenty four hour security as well as CCTV devices are provided to ensure the safety of our library users.


The library provides access to a wide range of superior information resources in different formats that cut across all disciplines and age brackets. PHLS hopes that individuals and organisations will use these resources to meet their educational, professional and developmental needs.




Events and Cultural Centre : This building which is currently under construction  and houses an exhibition hall, an event auditorium, seminar rooms, a fast food restaurant space and a meeting lobby. PHLS requires financial support of well-meaning Nigerians and development oriented organisations to complete this project.


Two other structures- the Writers Hostel and Theatre are yet to attract donors.


Writers’ Residence: The hostel is conceived as a set of serviced single bedroom suites with amenities for writers in residence.


Multipurpose Theatre: It is designed to be a state of the art multimedia theatre which will cater for and attract local and international  drama troupes to the city of Port Harcourt.



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